The Cherokee Observer Photo Page

AUGUST 13, 1997


David Cornsilk Managing Editor of the Cherokee Observer in 1997, and Donna Hales, staff writer for the Muskogee Phoenix, standing behind the courthouse before the fight.


Chief Joe Byrd’s head security guard, Harold Jordan, talking to the media before the ambush. Jordan’s security men illegally took over the Cherokee courthouse in the early morning hours, on June the 20th at 4:00 a.m. with the help of the BIA, and City of Tahlequah police officers.


Jordan calls Marshal Ragsdale a liar and shoves him before he is knocked down and then beaten by irate unidentified Cherokee tribal members. Jordan is going down in this photo.


The Cherokee Nation Marshals and their supporters rush the door in an attempt to kick out Jordan and his secrurity guards. Instead of obeying the Cherokee Supreme Court order to support the CNO Marshals, the BIA, County, and City of Tahlequah police officers ambushed the Cherokee Nation Marshals.


The Cherokee Nation Marshals were pulling the security guards out of the doorway when they were attacked from behind.


The Cherokee Nation Marshals were holding their own before they were attacked from behind and pulled away from the doorway. Cherokee citizens were right behind them and would have gained access if it wasn’t for the interference by the non-Cherokees.


Cherokee Nation Marshal Brian Blair is being pushed by the security guards and pulled back by the BIA, county, and city police officers. Meanwhile, Cherokee citizens are being attacked and thrown off the porch.


Security guard, Harold Jordan is being helped to his feet after getting knocked down and beaten by irate Cherokee citizens. Notice the different uniforms surrounding Jordan. If it hadn’t been for the interference by these officers the Cherokee Nation Marshals and their supporters would have evicted the security guards from the Courthouse.


These are the officers that attacked the Cherokee Nation Marshals and some of the protestors. Lisa Tiger, well known artist and AID’s activist was thrown down and injured by one of these officers.


This young lady was thrown off the porch as she tried to get a closer look at the action on the porch. Notice the weapon the officer in front of her is wearing. The Cherokee Nation Marshals were unarmed.


This unidentified county deputy wearing sunglasses is threatening Cherokee Nation Marshal Stacey Eubanks with a can of mace. Notice the Cherokee citizens pointing at the deputy.


The Aftermath


In this picture Dude Blalock is sitting in a chair guarding Lisa Tiger, who was thrown down by one of the officers, she is HIV positive and she was bleeding, they were waiting for the ambulance.


The state, county, BIA, and city officers standing on the back porch of the Cherokee Courthouse after they ambushed the Cherokee Nation Marshals. Cherokee citizens are standing on the side screaming at them to leave the building.


Dude Blalock, husband of Cherokee Nation Prosecutor, Diane Blalock, is guarding an injured Lisa Tiger, Aids activist, who is lying on the back porch waiting for the ambulance.