The Killing of Lake Eucha

Lake Eucha is being contaminated by chicken litter that is spread on the fields upstream of lake eucha in the Arkansas and Missouri areas. When it rains the manure runs off into the water basin that creates Lake Eucha, it is called beaty’s creek.

Another creek called spavinaw runs in from the southeast and both creeks entually meet and they turn into a single stream that runs into lake eucha. If you really want to see how bad it is, then look at Gigger’s Point. , Lake Eucha, Delaware District.

The Cherokee People need to be aware of this environment destruction, since it belong’s to the Cherokee People! It appears someone at the Cherokee Nation has dropped the ball on this issue! We have people that work in the Environment Health department, Where are they? We all need to call our Tribal Councilor’s and demand something be done, immediately!

The chicken litter is killing Lake Eucha and the State Health Department is doing absolutely nothing to protect the water and the residents of Jay and Tulsa are drinking it everyday.

The Cherokee Observer plan on taking Chemical samples and bacterial samples out of the lake next week and we are going to deliver them to the Tulsa State Health Department to have them analyzed. Once we get the results we will publish them on this site

The photos are online and hopefully the City of Tulsa and the State Health Department will see them and do something about this environmental destruction to our water.

The lake belongs to us, anyway, and we should take care of it! we will update this section with different areas of the Cherokee Nation that is being destroyed by pollution.