Under Seat Subwoofer Vs. Trunk Subwoofer

Under Seat Subwoofer Vs. Trunk Subwoofer

Planning to upgrade your car audio system? Having a hard time deciding whether to go with an under seat or trunk subwoofer?

If yes, this guide will come in handy.

Below, we’ll compare the two car subwoofers to help you make a more informed decision on which one to go with.

Under Seat Subwoofer

An under the seat subwoofer is basically a small subwoofer powered (i.e. it has a built-in amplifier) that comes housed in a single, compact body. The sub gets its name “under-seat” because this is where most people prefer installing it in the car.

Under Seat Subwoofer

The all-in-one design of this sub makes it quite easy to install in your car and you don’t have to undergo the matching process with a separate amp or woofer or even struggle to wire them up.

under seat subwoofer highlights:

  • Compact design: under the seat subs usually come in small sizes, enabling you to save a huge amount of space in your car. they go right under the passenger’s or driver’s seat, so they don’t take up any cabin space in your car.
  • Lightweight design: not only are these subs small, but they also feel light. This makes them more portable and easier to manage. the small weight also means they won’t weight down
  • Affordable: since these models are designed with small cars in mind, their manufacturers tend to maintain their prices within an affordable range for the car owners.
  • Easy to install: the all-in-one little subs are pretty easy to install in your car. you simply put them in place and then fix them with stripes. moreover, you can hassle-freely install them in just any car, including the small ones.
  • Quality sound: despite their compact nature, the best under seat powered subwoofer is capable of producing powerful bass and great audio quality to make your trips lively than ever before.
seat subwoofer

under seat subwoofer lowlights:

  • Underseat subs are less durable. they lack some solid external covering which leaves them exposed and unprotected. they just don’t last long. The fact that this sub is more exposed to the shocks and damages in your vehicle cabin further affects their durability.
  • They don’t produce the same sound quality as he trunk models. So, if you want a subwoofer that will get your entire car bumping, don’t go for an under seat sub
  • Controlling this kind of sub can be a real hassle since it comes with all the adjustments on it. You have to access the under seat to make the necessary adjustments.

Trunk subwoofer

Also referred to as a boot subwoofer, this kind of sub also gets its name from where car owners install it—in the vehicle trunk.

Trunk subwoofer

To install a sub in the trunk of your car, you securely fasten it behind the rear seats and then tuck it away into the corner. This helps ensure that the sub remains stable and doesn’t move around in case you engage emergency brakes or take sharp turns.

A free air subwoofer can also be used as a trunk subwoofer, where it’s mounted to a board that’s then attached in the trunk (against the rear seat) or to the rear deck. In this case, your vehicle track acts as the enclosure housing the sub.

Highlights trunk subwoofer:

  • Excellent sound quality: one of the biggest benefits of choosing a trunk subwoofer over an under seat model is the excellent sound quality the former produces. Larger subwoofers tend to deliver low frequency bass more accurately and higher audio quality.
  • Durable: these subwoofers are also more durable than under seat models. provided you securely fit your sub in the trunk, it’ll remain stable and will not take a lot of beating. also, it’ll suffer fewer interventions of the passengers compared to the under seat subs.however, keep in mind that the items you place in your trunk might contribute to the damage of your sub, so be careful what you carry in there.
  • Flexible mounting options: you’ll also enjoy different mounting options for your sub in the truck. for instance, you can use a wooden enclosure, stipes, hooks, ropes, etc., to make the sub completely secure and stable.
  • Variable size options: the beauty of getting a trunk subwoofer is that you’ll have the freedom to choose the perfect size of woofer depending on the size of your truck and the space available. This is because these models come in various sizes, including 8, 10, and 12-inch sizes.
  • Highly customizable: you also have the freedom of customizing your trunk sub to match your preferences. Unlike the underseat model which comes as an all-in-one system, this model lets you choose what components to use it with, including the amplifiers.
Trunk subwoofer

Lowlights of trunk subwoofer:

  • Large in size: unlike the under-seat subs, trunk models also come with a larger size. they end up occupying a huge space in your trunk, leaving little space for other items you might want to carry in your car trunk
  • A bit pricey: trunk subwoofers come with pricey tags, unlike the underset models. this means you have to dig deeper into your pockets to get a trunk subwoofer.
  • Might not be easy to install for starters: from getting the wiring process right to hooking additional components correctly, setting up a trunk subwoofer might not be an easy task for beginners. If you know what you’re doing, however, the installation will be easier for you.

Final Verdict

In summary, an under seat sub usually features a lightweight and compact design. It’s highly portable and doesn’t occupy much space in your car. It’s also easy to install and comes at affordable prices. However, it’s not customizable, tends to suffer tear and wear due to its placement, and it’s less durable.

A trunk subwoofer, on the other hand, is more durable and delivers greater sound quality than the under seat model. it’s highly customizable, more durable and comes in various sizes to pick from. However, these models are a bit costlier and come in larger sizes than the under the seat models.

Which of the two subwoofers matches your needs and expectations?

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