Wagner Flexio 590 Review

Wagner Flexio 590 Review: Is It Worth To Purchase?

Say goodbye to the tedious process of switching between a roller and a brush and welcome the Wagner sprayer. We have reviewed many products from this brand like the chainsaw chains, and they where all excellent.

Got a new DIY coloring project or simply need to paint over the walls? You can pretty much paint over anything and use any kind of paint with this neat device.

Now, many of you might be thinking a roller is just simpler and easier than an electronic tool that needs connecting, assembling, and what not! But that’s where we were surprised too. This is super easy to use and can be used right off the box.

If we have your attention, then stick with us for this Wagner Flexio 590 review to know whether it’s worth the purchase.

Wagner Flexio 590 Review


  • Works fast and better than brushes or rollers
  • Patented technology results in professional finishes
  • Adjustable knobs for greater control of airflow and width selection
  • Can control paint flow
  • Can spray any color
  • Two nozzles make it perfect for a variety of projects


  • Uses a cord and might need an extension cord
  • Not light when loaded with paint

When it comes to delivering the best finishes on your paint jobs, Wagner is a name you often hear. Be it for commercial or personal works, they have innovative and useful paint applicators that make them stand out. And their latest sprayer is the result of their research and innovation, and we can’t thank them enough for it.

The sprayer is great for both outdoor and indoor painting. Whether you’re coloring furniture, walls, cabinets, floors, or anything else, this will work much better than a brush. It was made to not thin out and give even paints. So, you can expect perfect and professional finishes.

Further, the thing that we love about this is how you can accomplish a range of activities with sprayer. It isn’t limited to doing big jobs like wall or deck painting; you can use this for all painting projects.

And finally, you might be concerned that maintaining this will require more work, but yes, while the cup isn’t disposable like a paint bucket, it isn’t difficult to clean. The user manual has all the instructions you will need and mostly a soapy mixture, and a few wipes are all it takes.

X-Boost Turbine

Wagner’s own patented technology, the X-Boost Turbine, is what makes this device special. With the turbine, you get a new level of control and options that didn’t exist before. It lets you adjust the power of the sprayer, and you can set it up according to the paint you’re using.

Wagner Flexio 590

Thinner paints will need less speed so you can lower the power for smoother finishes. And the thicker the material is, the more power is required. You have full control to adjust all this simply through this variable speed dial.

iSpray and Detail Finisher Nozzle

This is yet another innovation of the Flexio 590. These two nozzles allow you to work on various projects with ease. When you need to paint the fine details, the smaller nozzle will give you the control and precision a brush would.

And when painting a wall or any big project, use the bigger nozzle to quickly and efficiently cover as much as area as you need. This is both time and energy saving. Spraying is also more fun and fulfilling than running the roller.


If two different nozzles aren’t enough, then get more flexible width selectors. The width selector gives you further options to choose between a narrow or a wide spraying pattern.

When you’re coating a finer line like an edge or a corner, use the narrow width. And for large sections, increase the turbine speed and change to the wider pattern to quickly finish the job.

Material Flow Control

This is the third bit of control that this amazing sprayer gives you. And this one is very important because it lets you decide how much paint you’re releasing into the nozzle. The knob allows you to select the flow and our recommendation is to start slow no matter the task.

Wagner Flexio 590

If you do not want to overspray or drop paints, then start slowly and then increase the flow as you go about it. However, bigger projects will need more flow and vice versa.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Some users did find it challenging to screw and unscrew the container, but once you learn the trick, it’s not an issue. And you have a reliable manual to help you throughout it.

Further, as mentioned before, all the cleaning instructions are also given. So, while cleaning and arranging will take some effort on your part, it is definitely worth the beautiful finishes you will get. I would have liked it better if it had a self-oiling system like the Titan 0516013 XT330 airless sprayer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding the Wagner Flexio:

1. How much can you cover in one fill?

One container is enough to cover a 10 x 12’’ wall.

2. Does it work on battery?

No, this doesn’t work on battery. It has a cord and which is fairly long, but if you need a longer range, you can buy an extension cord.

3. What is the use of the iSpray nozzle?

The iSpray nozzle works like a roller would and has similar coverage too. But unlike the roller, you get unthinned paint from it and can color without switching back to fill it.

4. What coatings doe the Flexio 590 support?

It supports most oil and water-based paints. You can also use latex paints.

5. What is the speed of this sprayer?

It can paint 10x faster than a brush. And it is much faster than regular sprayers too.

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Final Words

If you get over the initial adjustment and learning period of a new device, this will be a great addition to make painting easier and more fun. Nevertheless, this is somewhat bulky when filled with paint and will require some getting used to if you’ve never used a sprayer before.

But once that’s over, you won’t be able to get back to using a roller or brush ever again. This concludes our Wagner Flexio 590 review, and we hope this covered all you wanted to know.

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