Wen 4212 Review

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The primary operation of a drill press or drilling machine is to make a hole in a part or in a workpiece. And the piece or part is later used for a number of different work.

Wen 4212 is a drill press many people know and use in their workspace. It is one of the most popular options people gravitate towards. And in this Wen 4212 review, I will let you in on why people think so highly of it, what are the features, pros, and cons of using this tool.

Wen 4212 Review

Wen 4212


  • The tool has been made with great quality parts
  • Can be adjusted according to the requirement
  • Size is perfect for most jobs
  • Very powerful motor, great for working on different objects
  • Highly affordable


  • Customer service needs more work

Since you’re here, I am assuming you are looking for a drill press that is both efficient in its work and has an affordable price tag attached to it. Most Wen products fit the bill if there two are your top criteria for purchasing tools.

The item is not only adorable and efficient; rather, it is the right blend of all the features needed to make this a great choice for most people.

Wen’s main aim is for people to find the perfect balance between the value and the amount of money they pay. After the purchase, you won’t be left thinking you paid too much for the tool. Rather, you will be left amazed by the number of things it can do.

There are a number of features available in this product, which you might have thought would be unthinkable for the price they change. I am going to explain each and every one of them for you so that there is no question left about the product.

And the 4212 is very well-made, so this will tick the box next to durability for you without a doubt. That is usually a requirement for many people when they are making an investment such as this.

Key Features

I believe we are ready to acquire more detailed information about the drill press. Let’s get to know the key features of the product.

Speed Adjustment

Speed is an important aspect of the drill press. You would want the work to be done as fast as possible. But not all elements can be worked on at the same speed, so you will need to make adjustments based on what you’re working with. The speed starts from 580-3200 RPMs.

And the lower speed is required for more dense objects like metallic, where the lower speed is required for the hole to be drilled.

Wen 4212

There are adjustment options, and you will be able to see the current speed of the tool on the LED screen on it. If you want more speed options you can check the Shop Fox W1668 review which tells you about the 12 peed settings of the drill press.

Table Size

The Wen 4212 is a drill press that comes with a table. This is an essential part of the machine without which the work would be very difficult.

Now the best part of the ability is its size. I would say it is just perfect, it is not so big that you would have a hard time finding a place for the tool, but it is just big enough so you can fit your workpieces on it without an issue.

Its capacity starts from 1/2 inch, so you should be able to work with very little objects, and it goes pretty high. Also, with a table of this size, you will see the table works as a very efficient connector. So, if you plan to use this tool for commercial use, you should be just fine. You can get the most out of your drill press by using the table correctly.


One of the most important aspects of the drill press is its power. It is not a small battery drill like the Dewalt DCK240C2. Drill presses are all about power.

If it is not powerful enough, then you will not be able to drill holes into a variety of different objects with it. So, you will want to opt for something with more power, that is what the 4212 is for. It has a powerful 4.5 APM motor, which makes it perfect for just about any work.

You would even be able to drill into metal without much resistance, so you will have a wider range of items you can work on with this tool. If you used the previous model of the drill or are confused between the 4210 and this, then you should know this is much better in comparison to the price difference.

Size of Spindle

The spindle of the drill press does the actual last of making the hole, so there are some criteria they have to fulfill in order for the entire drill press to be called a good piece of machine. It is a 3 1/8-inch spindle travel. Meaning the drill will be able to go through and element with a thickness of 3-1/8 inches.

I would say this is a pretty great figure. You would very easily be able to use it for commercial purposes. And it would obviously be a good option if you’re looking for more general use.


The drill bit or spindle itself cannot be adjusted, but you will be able to change the angle of the table. You can either shift it 45 degrees to the right or left. This allows you to have flexibility with your work.

You will be able to set the angle and lock it in place, so there is no involuntary movement of the table while you are at work, that might ruin the piece you’re working on.

LED Readout

It is not a requirement for drill presses to have LED screens where the speed can be readout. Most of them have dials which determine and tell the speed. But 4212 has a screen, which makes the whole process a little more convenient for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here we have the most commonly asked queries regarding Wen 4212:

1. Will the drill press be delivered assembled, or will I have to assemble it?

It does not come preassembled, meaning after the tool is delivered, you will have to assemble it yourself. This is good if you have problems transporting heavy machinery.

2. What is the size of the base of the 4212?

The size of the base of this drill press is 10 inches wide, and the length is 16 inches.

3. Is the deepest cut going to be 3 1/8 inches?

Yes, the deepest the spindle can go is 3 1/8 inches, but if you are looking to make deeper holes, then you can move the table up, that should get the job done.

4. Is the LED screen reader accurate about the speed?

I would say that the speed of reading is pretty accurate most of the time. This is rarely the case among most other drill pressed. But, you can match the screen with the right bit.

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Final Verdict

In this Wen 4212 review, I have provided you the whole insight. Hopefully, it was enough for you to decide whether this tool is the one you have been looking for.

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