What Type of Welding Pays the Most

What Type of Welding Pays the Most and Why?

Have you ever woken up one day and thought this is not the job for you? Maybe you’re not excelling, or the current job doesn’t pay you well, whatever it is, you want to switch your career, but you don’t know which path to choose. Well, then we believe maybe it is time you look into welding.

Many people have this misconception that welders are stuck in dirty shops all day long, and they do not get paid enough, and that is absolutely wrong. Most welding job’s pay depends on their skill and the company they work with. Often they can earn up to six figures depending on their niche, skill, and company contract.

And today, we’ll throw lights on what type of welding pays the most. So, let’s hit the show on the road.

Type of Welding Jobs That Pays the Most

Here is a list of the highest paying welding jobs and the reason behind them.

Industrial Pipe Welders

Using a combination of welding methods and tools to build and operate pipes in a wide range of conditions, industrial pipe welders are one of the highest paying welding jobs worldwide, and with due reason.

These types of welding jobs usually require you to work in harsh and unforgiving areas such as the hostile wasteland of Alaska or harsh, humid conditions. The opportunities are huge in such environments and party the cause for such high pay.

Owing to the scale and complexity of a number of pipeline projects, most jobs are inflexible and require long hours of fixed stillness that make welding challenging and often risky – forcing you to contort your body to all kinds of uncomfortable positions.

Standing in the deepwater of the knee to weld the bottom of the pipe is not rare in the field of industrial welding. The pipe welders must be well-trained and adaptable. As a result, they are of the top paid welding jobs and are widely sought after with an annual pay between $36,414 to $106,348.

Military Welders

Some of the most dangerous welding jobs in the world are military welding jobs. Being in the military, there is always a chance to be caught in action even if they are not participating actively in combat, and that is where the danger comes in.

A lot of military welding jobs require you to travel to war sites such as the Middle East or even do welding jobs underwater.

Due to these dangers, military welders are paid quite a lot with an annual pay up to $170,000. They are often in huge demand as there is always a need for a welding job in the military—most welding opportunities in the military range from restoration and servicing to stateside facilities and welding pipelines.

They also include welding shipyards if you work with the Navy. In military welding, welders are overseen by the certified supervisors for carrying out quality tests on their welds, for ensuring that there are no flaws, and for ensuring that the projects are on track and meet the budget.

And they ensure that the welders complete their projects in compliance with safety and quality requirements. You need extensive welding experience (at least 5 years) first to be a welding supervisor. You will have to have outstanding teamwork and technological expertise as well.

Underwater Welders

Definitely one of the riskiest welding jobs, underwater welding requires you to sink at the bottom of the ocean or other large body of water (such as sea or large rivers) with about 300 to 400 ampere of direct current to weld.

Underwater welders can operate in a number of sectors, including oil and gas, military, and shipbuilding, which are a few of the largest growing industries contributing to the economy and having huge funding from the corporation and the government.

Welders underwater usually use shielded metal arc welding (SMAW) to do the welding. However, sometimes friction welding is requested. Since underwater welding is one of the riskiest paying jobs, it requires a few vital characteristics before someone can consider taking it up as a career.

First of all, they only recruit expert welders in this industry. You must know how to properly weld on the ground to weld underwater. This requires tons of preparation for certifications and practice.

Secondly, they need to know how to scuba dive and swim deep underwater as underwater welding is a rigorous task that requires you to have practical knowledge of water. Even with all of this, you cannot start being an underwater welder on the first go. You start being an apprentice first.

If all of these sounds too rigorous, the silver lining is that most underwater welders earn anywhere between $54,750 to $300,000 a year.

Nuclear Industry Welders

Another high paying but equally risky welding job is nuclear weldings. Nuclear welding jobs are available in all the categories listed – pipeline, sub-marine, and military. In order to be a certified nuclear welder, you would have to undergo a stringent screening process as well as proper certification.

Due to the nature of the job and the industry where you would be working as welders, the companies require not only a thorough knowledge of the nuclear industry but also any sort of FBI clearance.

Working as a welder in the nuclear industry means being exposed to a lot of radioactive material, which can be hazardous to the health of the worker.

This means most of the welder needs to take serious precautions against the working conditions as well as having adequate information and knowledge of radioactivity and nuclear energy.

However, being one of the most dangerous welding jobs also comes with heavy paychecks. Nuclear welders, on average, earn about $70,000 to $100,000 annually.


The reason why welding has become such a lucrative option for many people is that the pay that comes along has increased a lot over the past years. Now-a-days you can even make money welding in your garage.

However, we must also note most of the increase in an annual paycheck is due to the hostile and dangerous working conditions, and not everyone can have the ability to work in such conditions either.

And now that you know what type of welding pays the most, let us know which one seems most interesting to you.

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